Why Kidbrooke Square shared ownership homes offer security

NHG Homes senior sales executive Daniel Jennings talks value at the south-east London development

Images shows a computer generated scene of Kidbrooke Square, four blocks of brick-clad flats around a central square with a red tiled building
An artist’s impression of how Kidbrooke Square will look when finished

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Daniel Jennings is perhaps NHG Homes’ most potent asset in marketing shared ownership properties at its Kidbrooke Square development.

The senior sales executive is on something of a personal mission to spread the word about what’s available to prospective buyers, having seen the benefits for himself.

He said: “Before my current role, I was a sales account manager for big tech companies in America.

“I did very well, winning awards and becoming the firm’s top salesperson worldwide.

“About four-and-a-half years ago, my now wife and I bought a shared ownership property from an affordable housing provider.

“That was a three-bed in the Beckenham area, with underground parking.

“I’m from west London, so I came all the way over to the south-east of the city, where the value for money is amazing – there’s the greenery, the parks and it’s away from the hustle and bustle.

“I realised how much not having that had affected me, so I wanted us to live where we could walk around and feel the fresh air.

“We couldn’t believe that a three-bed was affordable – it was a dream to us.

“Buying a home that’s 1,000sq ft in London gave me an appreciation for shared ownership as a product.

“We were planning to get married, wanted to start a family and so we moved into the three-bed. But then the pandemic happened and I got made redundant straight away.

“We’d moved in December 2019 and I can remember thinking how lucky we were to have lockdown in this beautiful property.

“I decided I wanted a role where I could make a difference.”

Image shows a man with glasses in a white shirt with a beard, Daniel Jennings, a senior sales executive for NHG Homes
NHG Homes senior sales executive Daniel Jennings

working for NHG Homes

“I wanted to help other people feel like I had, so I thought I’d try to get my feet wet, joined NHG Homes and sold seven properties in my first two weeks,” said Daniel.

“Since then, I’ve been promoted and now, when I talk to buyers, I don’t really have to sell.

“I just show them what we have, talk about my experiences with shared ownership and how I felt when I bought into it.

“Then we talk about pros and cons options and what makes sense for them, what their goals are and what’s right.

“We really try to focus on them as people and try to find something that works.

“This includes thinking about location, commutes to work, the safety of the neighbourhood and whether there’s enough light and space.

“We even look at which way a property faces and whether the buyer is a morning or an evening person.” 

Image shows a show home at Kidbrooke Square with wooden floors and comfortable furnishings. The room is an open-plan living area with a kitchen
A show home at Kidbrooke Square’s Borsberry House

what’s on offer at Kidbrooke Square

Kidbrooke Square itself isn’t exactly without attractions.

The development, which includes a mix of tenures, is located on the doorstep of Kidbrooke station.

This is ideal for rapid connections to Lewisham (for Canary Wharf and the DLR) or direct trains into the City. 

The scheme features a concierge service, residents’ gym facilities and private podium gardens.

It also boasts landscaped grounds, plans for a cafe in what’s currently the marketing suite and its own dedicated bus route. 

Further benefits include being close to Berkeley Homes’ extensive regeneration of the Ferrier Estate, which has seen many local amenities arrive in the area. 

These include shops, a pub, a cafe and the playgrounds and the extensive spaces of Cator Park

Greenery nearby is something of a theme.

Kidbrooke Green Park, Manor House And Gardens, Blackheath Common, Greenwich Park and Charlton Park are all within a 15-minute bike ride or half-hour walk of NHG Homes’ new properties.

Then there are the homes themselves.

These feature balconies or winter gardens, open-plan living areas with wood effect flooring, fitted kitchens with Zanussi appliances and porcelain tiling in the bathrooms. 

All come with high quality sound proofing, air filter technology plus communal heating and hot water systems.

They make for a compelling proposition in comparison to the prospect of renting privately.

Image shows a modern fitted kitchen with white units and Zanussi appliances
A kitchen in a show home at Borsberry House

security in shared ownership

“Shared ownership means buying a home for life,” said Daniel.

“You can do what you want, no-one’s going to kick you out.

“You can put your pictures up, paint your walls and there won’t be any difficult conversations with landlords about rents going up.

“Being a tenant can be tough.

“By the time you see a property and call, it can be let, or you have to make a decision on the spot when you see it.

“With shared ownership there are so many options.

“Take someone earning £40,000 or £45,000.

“If they put down a £9,000 deposit, 10%, they can get a one-bed and then feel comfortable with their income and paying their bills each month.”

Image shows a computer generate scene of lawns and flowerbeds between blocks of apartments
An artist’s impression of open space at Kidbrooke Square

escaping tenancy with a home at Kidbrooke Square

“Most people who are renting are sick of sinking their money into paying someone else’s mortgage,” said Daniel.

“With shared ownership, you’ve got equity that you can build on and what you’re paying in rent, which is capped, is going to a good cause – it supports communities by building more affordable housing.

“Then, if you want to sell your share, you’ll get support from us and the fees will be cheaper than an estate agency.

“Most people – I’d say around 80% or 90% – who buy a shared ownership home are first-time buyers although you don’t have to be.

“That means we exercise patience – we know they will want us to talk them through everything and really break down all the elements of how it works.

“People have a lot of questions about how rent increases happen and why service charges can change.

“But these things can seem scarier than they actually are.

“I’m able to use my personal experience to show them that my rent, for example, might have risen £60 a month but a property in the private market might have gone up £300 or £400.

“That helps calm people when they have that understanding.” 

Image shows a show home bedroom at Kidbrooke Square with a bed, desk, chair and brightly coloured art on the walls
One, two and three-bedroom homes are available at the scheme

key details

Shared ownership homes at Kidbrooke Square start at £91,875, £113,125 or £158,750 for 25% shares in a one, two or three-bedroom apartment respectively.

Monthly costs for the above are estimated to be £1,344, £1,550 and £2,042 including mortgage payments, rent and service charge.

Find out more about shared ownership homes at the development here or call 020 4579 2974

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