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Rates & Packages

Our standard advertising rates for Wharf Life are listed below and are based on insertion in a single issue of the paper:

ROP Front Half

Quarter page – £300+VAT

Half page – £500+VAT

Full page – £900+VAT

Four-page wrap – £4,000+VAT

ROP Back Half

Quarter page – £200+VAT 

Half page – £300+VAT

Full page – £500+VAT

Back page – £1,000+VAT

Property Supplement

Half page – £350+VAT

Full page – £650+VAT

DPS – £1,300+VAT 

Listings page strip – £50+VAT


Credit card-size – £25+VAT 

To make things easy we’ve put together three standard packages, priced up and ready to go below:


Campaign insertion in four issues

2 x half page

2 x full page 


(Save £420)


Campaign insertion in six issues 

2 x half page

5 x full page


(Save £1,100)


Campaign insertion in six issues

1 x Four-page wrap 

6 x full page 


(Save £2,350)

Find technical specifications for our standard advert sizes here

Who do I contact?

You can contact our commercial director, Jess Maddison by emailing or by calling 07944 000 144.

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