Canada Water: How Van Rysel has launched in London Decathlon

French cycling brand Van Rysel opens its first UK store with bikes and products on sale

The Van Rysel store at Decathlon is shown with bright lights and bikes on display
The Van Rysel store in Decathlon at Canada Water

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Decathlon in Canada Water is vast, a multi-level temple to sports and outdoor equipment for all kinds of activities.

That the store sells bikes is nothing new. However, a major change has occurred.   

For the first time, the French retailer has brought cycling products from its subsidiary Van Rysel into the store – the brand’s first presence in London.

Since its creation in 2018, the company has been making waves.

Flemish for “From Lille” its name recalls the location of Decathlon’s worldwide headquarters, conjuring forth images of the bumpy cobbled streets used to help prove its products’ mettle. 

Not, of course, that there’s much metal involved.

Van Rysel’s stated mission has long been to boost road riders’ performance through the use of high-end components and carbon frames.

An image of a Van Rysel bike frame is seen with others behind it
The store offers a multitude of bikes

Available now in south-east London

Located on the ground floor, Decathlon has dedicated a sizeable chunk of floorspace to this mission featuring bikes, clothing, workshop space and fitting facilities as well as racks of accessories.

It’s all aimed at drawing cyclists in, with eye-catching video displays, bright, glossy lighting and reflective blocks for the machines themselves to stand on.

Decathlon lead designer, Marc-Antoine Aubert, said “We opted for a distinct and eye-catching layout, with a centralised podium that showcases the hero Van Rysel bikes in the range. 

“Behind this is the welcome desk, built from a material inspired by the famous showers of the Velodrome of Roubaix.

“Above the welcome desk is a large screen with a video playing that reflects and shines on the ‘miroir d’eau’ or ‘reflecting water’ of the big podium – that is a tribute to two main architectural jewels of the Roubaix area, the Villa Cavrois  and the Museum La Piscine of Roubaix. 

“Finally, the central structure is made out of steel grating, which took inspiration from the wind tunnel where Van Rysel developed its bikes.

“Each aspect of the store was considered and we can’t wait to see how the public engage with the space.”

A group of men in Van Rysel T-shirts are seen standing in the new store
The store has Van Rysel staff on hand to help with purchases and servicing

Ready to ride

It’s the bikes themselves, of course, that are the main attraction with a wealth of models released in recent years. Prices range from £999 to £5,500 for the core collections.

However, much was made at the store launch of the remarkable success currently being enjoyed by the bike used by pro team Decathlon AG2R La Mondiale. 

The consumer version, the Van Rysel RCR Pro Replica, costs £9,000 (pricey but about £3,000 cheaper than comparable models) and has aerodynamics honed in military grade wind tunnels that has seen the machine that inspired it claim multiple professional racing victories so far this season.

Somehow its smoothed black lines fit perfectly in Decathlon’s new space.

Spare, economical, but rich in promise. 

This images is a portrait of Van Rysel founder Nicolas Pierron wearing a white shirt and posing in front of bikes in the store
Van Rysel founder Nicolas Pierron

“We are thrilled to open our first Van Rysel store in London,” said brand founder Nicolas Pierron.

“This expansion is not just about opening a new store – it’s about inviting more people to experience the rich heritage and superior craftsmanship that Van Rysel stands for. 

“We are excited to share our passion for cycling with the vibrant community of cyclists in London and look forward to becoming an integral part of the local culture.”

key details

Van Rysel’s products and workshop can be found on the ground floor of Decathlon in Canada Water.

The store is open 9am-8pm Monday-Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sundays.

Find out more about Van Rysel products here

Two men look at the Van Rysel RCR Pro Replica at Decathlon in Canada Water
Visitors survey the Van Rysel RCR Pro Replica at the store

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